Mentoring sessions

Coffee Date + Shadow Session


Lets hang out for half of the day. This mentor session will start at a local coffee shop or we can grab some lunch and go over ALL of your questions you have about your business. I will be completely transparent. This session will cater towards YOU. We will also analyze your website and social media handles to make sure you are using them to their full ability.

After our coffee or lunch date we can head to a photography session that caters towards your ideal client in a location you have been dying to go to. We will go over how to create genuine emotions, posing & directing couples, and I will share all my tips and tricks! 



1.5 hour Skype Call


Lets chat for 90 minutes about growing the business of your dreams. This is the most accessible form of mentoring I offer because we can do this session in the comfort of your own home. I want this mentorship to cater towards YOU. I will answer all of your questions and we can also take a look over your social media & website.







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Please be as detailed as possible! List all your questions and topics you would like to cover for the mentoring session.