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Hi its Kali , I just wanted to say a quick hello before you look through all of the numbers so that you can get to know me a little bit better. Everyone deserves to have a photographer that fits their every need on their wedding day because your photographer is your right hand person. If we connect and feel like long lost bff’s I promise it will make it a much more enjoyable experience for everyone!!

A little about me:

I am a 22 year old full time adventurous elopement and wedding photographer living in the beautiful state of Arizona. I am a crazy cat and dog mamma and they pretty much run my life. I absolutely love hiking and being adventurous, but in no way am I in shape and I am usually huffing and puffing the entire way. Plus whenever I take my dog hiking she is usually the one dragging me up. I am a HUGE animal lover. Like if you have a dog pleaseeee bring them to your engagement session. When I first went to college I originally wanted to be a wildlife biologist because I loved animals THAT much. Then I realized that I suck at biology and now taking my puppy to the dog park constantly and seeing cute pups at engagement sessions totally fills that love. I absolutely love traveling and am always looking for a new place to explore and to get out of the oven when summer hits in Arizona.

Everyone tells me that I am the biggest hype woman because during engagement sessions I’m always screaming “YASSSSS & YOU LOOK SO GOOD” because I love making people feeling beautiful in their own skin. I am almost always early and over prepared for everything so that I am not stressing later.

I’m usually wearing leggings and Birkenstocks 98% of the time. I am an introverted extrovert which pretty much means I’m a mix of the both. I totally enjoy going out and meeting new people, grabbing drinks and exploring but I also love being a hermit at home binge watching Netflix (if you have any bomb shows that you are watching, please send them my way!!) and staying in my pjs all day. My favorite shows are The Office, drama filled reality tv shows like the Batchelor, and my favorite movie series are Jurassic Park! I am an extremely laid back person and vibe the best with laid back people that are just down to have a dang good time.

My approach to photography is not to look for the perfectly posed image. I look at your wedding day like a story and I want to tell it exactly like that. I want you two to remember how you two felt  on this exact day 25 years from now. I want to capture the tears running down your face as you are reading your vows to one another, the 10 mile hike you took to find toe perfect ceremony site, all of the little moments and the big ones. That way when you look back on your wedding gallery it will not feel like a bunch of photos from your day but it will 100% tell your story and how you felt about each other. I will be in your corner and make sure that all of your needs are met, every step of the way.

Sooooo if you connected to any of the things I said above and are thinking YASSSS GIRL!! Let’s move on to the goodies.


Elopement/tiny wedding packages


Elopement Package 1

3 hours of coverage

Minimum of 300 high resolution edited images

Timeline planning

Half off engagement session

Printing rights

Location advice

(This package is ideal for elopements with less than 15 guests)


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Elopement package 2

4 hours of coverage

Minimum of 400 high resolution edited images

Timeline planning

Half off engagement session

Printing rights

Location advice

(This package is idea for elopements/tiny weddings with less than 30 guests)



Tiny Wedding Package

5 hours of coverage

Minimum of 500 high resolution edited images

Timeline planning

Half off engagement session

Printing rights

Location advice

(This package is idea for tiny weddings with less than 50 guests)


*State tax of 7.8% will be added to all packages. Travel fees may apply.*

Collection Add Ons

Additional Hour - $300 per hour

Engagement Session - $350 (booked with an elopement or tiny wedding package)

Engagement sessions are my FAVORITE way to get to know you two. You both will be able to see my whole photography process so we will be much more comfortable with each other on your wedding day. I promise it will be a dang good time and by the end you won’t even remember that I am holding my camera and it will just feel like a super fun date night. We can go wherever the heck you would like and find a location that is gorgeous and meaningful to the both of you. I have also created an entire guide that walks you through my entire engagement session process and make sure you two will be totally comfortable and feel your best. Plus I always bring drinks so thats a plus (; Engagement sessions include a 1-2 hour session, 2-3 outfits and about 100-200 edited images delivered in an online gallery.

Night Before Coverage - $400

Night before coverage is an evening of shooting for night-before activities with family and friends. Not only is this awesome because I get to meet you and all your friends and family before the wedding and we all get to know each other more and get comfortable. BUTTT it’s also an awesome option for people that have fun things planned with their guests the night before the wedding, such as a bonfire, a hike, a BBQ, a rehearsal dinner, etc. Plus I also like to steal you two away for a chunk of time to go shoot some casual photos of just the two of you not all glammed up.

Day After Coverage - $400

A day after session includes an evening of shooting the day after your wedding, pretty much just like it sounds! If you and your guests are staying in the area the day after your wedding. You two can also throw your wedding attire back on and we can go exploring around your venue. Then getting your portraits the day of your weddings is not eating up time that you could be spending with your guests. This is probably going to be the only day you will have in your favorite place with all your favorite people at the same time. So I highly recommend this option because not only will you be able to spend every minute of your best day with your people, but you will also not be stressed on a time crunch and we can venture out to a gorgeous unique location beyond the venue.

Formal Wedding Attire Session - $400 (booked with a wedding or elopement package)

A formal wedding attire session is pretty much when you two throw your wedding attire on and we go adventure to a location that you have been dreaming of. I totally recommend this session if you are wanting some photos in another location other than your venue. It’s just you two and me to make sure that its a very intimate experience and I will be there capturing it all! This session can happen before or after your wedding! If it happens before we can make it into a first look session which are my FAVS.


 Frequently Asked Questions


 How many images are included?

As a minimum for weddings, I deliver at around 600 but depending on how many hours you book, it varies. For sessions, I deliver a minimum of 100. I don’t put a set number on how many you will receive, but I never leave anything out. I don’t put a cap or a limit on what I will deliver. Every wedding is different and varies from the last, and numbers are always changing. If you’d like to see some full wedding galleries, please feel free to ask! I’m happy to send over a few so you can get an idea of what I deliver.

Do you give out RAWS/unedited images?

Nope,  I don’t because editing is half the process/magic that goes into images and without that huge step the images are only halfway done. I promise to never leave any photos out that you’ll want/need and if you feel that I missed delivering a photo, just ask! I’m more than happy to check back through my images and send it over for you. I won’t let you miss out on any memories!

Do you charge travel fees?

I only charge a travel fee for sessions or weddings that are 2+ hours from me. My travel fee is just to cover my gas.

How do payment schedules work? How do you accept payment?

I require 30% down at the time of booking to hold your date, and then 35% half way through and the remaining 35% a week before your wedding. I accept all payments online through Honeybook and you can pay with a credit or debit card.

Can you photoshop us to be skinnier / have clear skin?

I’m not a personal trainer and I don’t change your appearance. I want to focus on making you feel beautiful, rather than look unrealistic. So no, I don’t photoshop your body to appear different than they actually are. Yes, I clear up the skin and remove distractions. Yes, Ill photoshop a couple lightsabers in if you really want ( can't promise it will look good though haha).

What kind of bear is best?

Black bear. Beets. Bears. Battlestar galactica (please tell me you watch The Office too haha).

What if we need to cancel / reschedule our wedding?

If you’ve already put a deposit down on a date and then have to move/ cancel it, the deposit is non-refundable and a new deposit will have to be made to hold your new date. I don’t do this because Im trying to suck money out of you, but because i'm counting on that money during that time to pay bills and I only take a limited amount of jobs per month, meaning that I depend on that money.

What happens if you can’t make it to our wedding?

Heaven forbid this happens but just in case of something crazy/ out of my control happens making me unable to make it to your wedding, then i will do my best to find a replacement photographer that I trust to come and take my place to shoot it. I’m not legally held to do so, in the case of me or a replacement not making it to your wedding, you will be refunded.

What if we need to reschedule our engagement session due to the weather?

We can reschedule if the weather is really that awful, but some of my favorite sessions ever have been in rain/hail/snow storms! And wind? Pshhhh.. Wind is what I pray to get before every shoot! Embracing the weather makes for incredible photos. The only times I’ve rescheduled shoots due to the weather is if my camera will be ruined by the weather. We will make the decision together whether we need to reschedule or not.

How long is your turnaround time?

It typically takes me about 3-4 weeks to edit sessions and about 2 months to edit a wedding gallery. I know that you are going to be anxiously waiting for your wedding/session so I will make sure to send you some sneak peeks to post on social media about 2-3 days after!


 Don’t take my word for it

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“There aren’t enough words to say how amazing Kali is at what she does! She is incredibly fun, passionate, professional, and creative. She is an AWESOME photographer and will make you forget that you’re in front of the camera (while simultaneously making you look like a model). She made my husband and I feel so comfortable while working with her – it felt like hanging out with a friend the whole time! I had been following Kali long before we got engaged and the second we did, I reached out to her. Thankfully, she was available (she books up fast, y’all!) for both our engagement and wedding photos. Not only is Kali a wonderful person but her photos are absolutely beautiful. I truly could not have asked for or anyone better to work with us! I would highly and SERIOUSLY recommend Kali M Photos to everyone (and have been since our engagement shoot)! She is the best of the best!”


“*insert clapping emojis* HIRE.THIS.LADY. Hands down the BEST decision I made for our wedding. Not only is super talented behind the camera, but she has this calming energy that makes you feel so comfortable in front of it! My husband can be super awkward in front of the camera, and she knew exactly how to direct him to make him look like Tom Hardy in GQ. All joking aside, my whole wedding was falling apart (hire a good TRUSTING coordinator ladies) and Kali was right there to save the day. She jumped right in with my mom when my day was falling apart and made sure every detail was perfect for my big day. She captured every moment I asked for and more. She even guided me in making decisions on different types of photos. She also works quick (which i instructed her to, cause like reception party, right?!) and the photos look like she had us in the forest for HOURS. I’m really particular about the kind of photos I like. I wanted very in the moment and very few posed photos. She NAILED IT. She captured the intimate moments of me with my dad and even more perfect moments between my husband and I. Everyone at my wedding LOVED her. Like i said at the beginning: HIRE THIS LADY!”

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“Kali is amazing! My husband and I couldn't be happier with our wedding photos. We seriously can't stop looking at our photos and every time, we get giddy and cry (or I cry actually!). Kali is so good at capturing the most precious candid moments and showcasing in her photos the raw emotion taking place in those moments. Additionally, she is personable yet professional and just a total sweetheart. Hiring her was the best investment we made in our wedding. Hire her! You won't regret it!”


 You ready? Let’s do this!!


 Let’s get on the same page

You’ve probably got a hundred questions running through your head on how this all works and where to go from here to make it work for you two. Let’s hop on a facetime call and I’ll be there to answer all your questions so you feel a hundred million percent confident about this! Don’t worry, I’ve got you.

Contract + Deposit

You ready to commit to this third wheel relationship? Hell yeah! I require a signed contract and non-refundable 30% deposit to hold your date. After that there will be 2 more payments. 35% will be due halfway and then the remaining 35% will be due a week before your wedding! All payments can be made online its 100% safe and you will receive a receipt! You can also use a credit card so get those points for your honeymoon baby!!

Make the magic happen

Then, let's start dreaming of how we can capture you two and your weirdness and love story. This is going to be freakin fun, pinky promise. Let’s go run around on a mountaintop, hop in a lake, grab some pizza, watch a crazy sunset and make that magic happen.