Backyard Pinetop Forest Wedding // Pinetop, Arizona // Jeannette + Evan

Where to even begin with these two. When these two reached out to me they specified on how much they wanted the fun and candid moments to be captured (WHAT IM ALL ABOUT!!). So as soon as I read that, I was like heck yes these are my type of people.

They both got ready in separate cabins surrounded by their loved ones. I loved how relaxed and homy it felt rather than being stuck in a hotel room. Jeannette had the sweetest first look with all of her friends in her wedding gown and the looks on their faces were priceless. Everyone was screaming and had the biggest smiles on their face.

They had the most beautiful Pinetop wedding literally in the middle of the forest. A day before they found a spot that they liked, dug a path way to walk down and called it good! They also marked the trees to guide their guests to the right area. Once all of their loved ones arrived, they started the ceremony. I loved how intimate it felt with no chairs and everyone just surrounding them as they were saying their “I DO’s”.

After their ceremony Jeannette + Evan hopped in my car and we drove around until we found the perfect space to take their bride + groom portraits. We found the perfect open meadow in the middle of the forest & we all frolicked, laughed and danced a ton until it was finally ready for dinner. Also can we just take a moment to appreciate their SLOT SOCKS. When they busted those bad boys out I was like yup, these two people are my new best friends.

For their reception they decided to skip all of the traditional stuff and go straight to the partying, BUT not before they cut the cake. It was so much fun watching these two completely SMASH cupcakes into each others face. They acted like little kids and it was so cute!! After that everyone started grabbing drinks and partying it up on the dance floor. One girl even took her scarf off and used it to play limbo!!

I had so much fun taking tequila shots with the entire family, eating a ton of delicious food & dancing the night away. Once the wedding was over Evan handed Khali & I a bottle of Tequila & a bottle of wine to take back to our cabin. That honestly made me love these two 10x more.

Kali Ponx