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 Don’t take my word for it

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Reviews from past couples


“There aren’t enough words to say how amazing Kali is at what she does! She is incredibly fun, passionate, professional, and creative. She is an AWESOME photographer and will make you forget that you’re in front of the camera (while simultaneously making you look like a model). She made my husband and I feel so comfortable while working with her – it felt like hanging out with a friend the whole time! I had been following Kali long before we got engaged and the second we did, I reached out to her. Thankfully, she was available (she books up fast, y’all!) for both our engagement and wedding photos. Not only is Kali a wonderful person but her photos are absolutely beautiful. I truly could not have asked for or anyone better to work with us! I would highly and SERIOUSLY recommend Kali M Photos to everyone (and have been since our engagement shoot)! She is the best of the best!”


“*insert clapping emojis* HIRE.THIS.LADY. Hands down the BEST decision I made for our wedding. Not only is super talented behind the camera, but she has this calming energy that makes you feel so comfortable in front of it! My husband can be super awkward in front of the camera, and she knew exactly how to direct him to make him look like Tom Hardy in GQ. All joking aside, my whole wedding was falling apart (hire a good TRUSTING coordinator ladies) and Kali was right there to save the day. She jumped right in with my mom when my day was falling apart and made sure every detail was perfect for my big day. She captured every moment I asked for and more. She even guided me in making decisions on different types of photos. She also works quick (which i instructed her to, cause like reception party, right?!) and the photos look like she had us in the forest for HOURS. I’m really particular about the kind of photos I like. I wanted very in the moment and very few posed photos. She NAILED IT. She captured the intimate moments of me with my dad and even more perfect moments between my husband and I. Everyone at my wedding LOVED her. Like i said at the beginning: HIRE THIS LADY!”“Kali is amazing! My husband and I couldn't be happier with our wedding photos. We seriously can't stop looking at our photos and every time, we get giddy and cry (or I cry actually!). Kali is so good at capturing the most precious candid moments and showcasing in her photos the raw emotion taking place in those moments. Additionally, she is personable yet professional and just a total sweetheart. Hiring her was the best investment we made in our wedding. Hire her! You won't regret it!”


“Kali is the absolute BEST! She is extremely talented and knows exactly what she is doing to best meet what you are wanting in your session. When in a session with her, she makes you feel so comfortable, whether you’re with a significant other or by yourself! She gives you so many compliments and helps you feel confident in front of the camera. You can definitely be yourself around her! She gets your photos taken fast and edited so beautifully fast too. She really puts her clients first and does everything she can to satisfy you and your needs. She a total sweetheart, laid back, and very friendly. She’s so down to earth and genuinely loves what she does. You definitely get the best of both worlds with her skills and spirit! Kali is the only way!”


“Kali M Photos was amazing! I interviewed a number of different photographers for my big day and I am extremely happy that I went with Kali. She was incredible from the start. I get nervous talking to people on the phone, she was very polite, friendly, reassuring, and calming. I had to cancel our engagement photo session an hour before we were due to start due to an emergency with my dog. I was fully expecting to have to pay for another session as I had given such little notice. However, Kali was amazing and understanding and rescheduled us for the following week at no extra cost. When we met with her for the engagement pictures, she made us feel comfortable and we were able to forget that we were having our picture taken. She even checked with us to make sure that our puppy was feeling better. The pictures came back and they were amazing and filled with color, despite my dark black and red color scheme. We looked natural in the pictures instead of posed, and I became very excited for my wedding pictures. After the big day, the pictures are the most important momento. My husband hates having his picture taken and was dreading having to spend hours taking pictures at the wedding. However, Kali made it a seamless process. He even said after the wedding "the pictures were way easier than I was expecting, I'm actually really excited to see how they come out." After the engagement pictures, I was expecting a lot. However, I was blown away with how amazing the pictures came out. They are absolutely stunning. They perfectly captured the day. I am in the process of decorating my house with them, and a lot of wedding guests have asked me to send them high definition electronic copies of the pictures of them so they can put them up in their homes. Kali captured everyone in a beautiful light and everyone loves the pictures.”


 Frequently Asked Questions

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All of the important things you need to know


“How does the booking process work?”

Here is a step by step on the booking process …

STEP ONE: Pick your package + add on’s and send it to me in an email. I’ll then send you my contract with your personalized package, and all you need to do is sign and pay the non refundable payment which is 1/3 of the overall package price.

STEP TWO: Do a happy dance because your photographer is booked!!!

All contracts and emails are through my saving grace small business online organization system called Honeybook. You can come back to your project and access anything you need to at anytime during the planning process. Payment reminders will be sent directly to you through Honeybook so you never have to worry about missing a payment! The payments are collected in the following order …

1/3 due at the signing of your contract which will officially lock in your date.

2/3 is due 6 months before your wedding date.

3/3 is due 1 month before your wedding date.


“I don’t need _____ can I exchange it out of my package?”

You are only allowed to add onto your package, you cannot take anything away. However if you would like to exchange an engagement session for a bride and groom session, day before or day after session, you can! However I do not recommend exchanging your engagement session because it is the best way for us to get to know each other!!


“How soon after booking do you recommend scheduling our engagement session?”

For me, the sooner the better!! You never know with weather or even real life stuff like getting sick, or cars breaking down, etc. SOOOO with that being said I say the second you book, lets talk about your engagement session. If you plan on sending your engagement photos with your save the dates, aim to get your photos done around the 6-8 month mark before your wedding to give yourself plenty of time to get your save the dates to your guests.

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“Will I be able to decide on which photos are edited/ be able to access the RAW photos?”

Unfortunately no, I do not allow clients to access the RAW files from their wedding day or their engagement session, hold possession over them or buy them from me. This is my way of keeping my work MY work. If I sold, or gave RAW files to clients, they can essentially edit them for themselves and publish without giving me credit. Or they can edit the photos and credit me and it looks nothing like my work. This is simply copyright infringement and is illegal under my contract with my clients.

I do not allow clients to cull through their images and pick their favorites for me to edit. I do not proof any images for clients. To put it simply, I want getting your wedding photos to be like Christmas morning for you. I can also look through photos differently than a non-photographer. I can pick images based on lighting, angles, focus, etc. So you just get to sit back and relax and wait for me to perfect your collection!!!

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Can you photoshop us to be skinnier / have clear skin?

I’m not a personal trainer and I don’t change your appearance. I want to focus on making you feel beautiful, rather than look unrealistic. So no, I don’t photoshop your body to appear different than they actually are. Yes, I clear up the skin and remove distractions. Yes, I’ll photoshop a couple lightsabers in if you really want ( can't promise it will look good though haha).

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Do you charge travel fees?

All of my collections include travel in Arizona State, California State, Washington State and Oregon State. If your wedding is not in any of these states then my travel fee is my plane ticket and a place to stay.

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What is the purpose of a second photographer?

I always have a second person with me because I am only one human and can only be in one spot at a time. If you are having a wedding of 80+ guest, you’ll be able to get a lot more photos of the day with different angles and perspectives of all the moments. It also acts as a backup of all the photos incase something happens to my set of the photos (heaven forbid!!). How this works is my second photographer will give me all of her photos at the end of your wedding day and then I will edit them all with my style. That way you will not have 2 different editing styles for your wedding gallery!



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